He’s sworn to protect the emperor at all costs

When he was a child, Bjerner sacrificed his eyes to the Goddess of Death. Raised as a warrior, he’s now a trusted member of the Varangian guard. As he struggles to keep the emperor alive, Bjerner is forced to take a mission that will either see him killed or see him hailed as a hero.

She’s tired of heroes

All they ever want to do is try to kill her. Ever since she was born, Ophidia has been hunted like an animal and all because of what she is: a beast that has the power to turn people into stone.

Forced to hide in a cave her entire life with only the dead heroes for company, Ophidia desperately wants her next visitor to be a little less stabby.

And less inclined to look at her face.

And would it really kill them to just talk to her first?

But as the centuries pass, she’s starting to lose hope that such a man exists…


I wrote this book (from start to publish), in eleven consecutive days. I rewrote three, maybe four entire chapters as well, so I'm quite chuffed with myself right now, not going to lie. Previously, the record was seventeen days and that was Burn Baby Burn. I don't think I will ever beat this record, but who knows, maybe I'll aim for a week one day...

I absolutely adore Ophidia. Her and Phoebe from Rage for Her would get along so well. And you have no idea how much I wish the ending in this book was different. Urgh, my heart. But everything happens for a reason...promise.

The last line of the epilogue actually caused me to gasp. I'm a pantser (as in, I don't really plot anything*; I just write), so I'm often just as suprised as you are when things happen. Normally not with the big stuff like this (and by the gods, I cannot wait to show you just how big that last line is), but wow, this has caused everything to just freaking click. One line and I now know why Delentia weasled her way into this series. I now know why these characters are so important to her. There will be one more novella in this series as she needs one more person for her plans...and that person is Eirik from The Little Morgen. I cannot wait to write his tale.

*Everything that happens in my books are controlled by my characters. I know the endgame. I know roughly what is going to happen. I don't work with outlines in any shape or form. The most I know is the purpose of a book (and sometimes, such as with this series, I don't even know that). Everything seems to work on a subconscioius level though and it's insane how many clues I leave for myself without even knowing it. For instance, with the big secret that I CANNOT WAIT to show you (in about 5-10 years time), Delie is super important and I didn't even know it until the last line of this book. I also didn't know why Ragnar was written the way he was, or Daman, or Ella. But dear gods, the clues...urgh, I want to tell you so bad! But alas, we must all wait for the War of the Myth Series to be finished...and maybe a few other series too.

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