Everything is about to burn

We all know the story. Cinderella’s father remarries. She gets a shitty new family. He dies in a tragic accident and she is forced into a life of servitude.

But what happens when Ella’s father is brutally murdered and she’s sold to the Romans? What happens when she meets a dark fae who tempts her to embrace the embers in her heart? When he shows her the fire she was born with and coaxes those powers to light? What happens when he tells her that she doesn't need a prince.

She needs a crown...


The entire premise for this book was due to a single line I read while researching the local history of where I live. It was something like: After a fire in 120 CE, Derventio was abandoned for twenty years. That was it. That was all it took to set the spark alight. Don't you just love random pulls of inspiration?

I'd never planned on putting Delentia in this book. She just showed up and did her thing, but I am now SUPER suspicious of her. Because why does she need a personal assassin??? Who is she planning on killing??? And why use a dark fae instead of killing whoever herself??? Argh! I don't like it when I don't know what's going on!!!

I normally make my own book covers, but the one I made myself (which I was super happy with), looked absolutely crap in print. So, although there is one copy of "Burn Baby Burn" with the old cover (and it's not even in my possession as a fan purchased it!), all others have this beautifully designed cover, created by Magnetras Designs. She is such a GODSEND. Ah! I just love it so much. The next two books in this series are definitely going to be done by her as well. (:

I would totally sell my soul to Daman Tar. He actually came into being because I was listening to a YouTube mix on the TV and just happened to look up when this came on. I mean, just look at him! Those eyes. That pose. His power. His sexuality. You'd totally sell him your soul too. I didn't have Daman in mind (or even "Burn Baby Burn") when I saw this. I just knew this guy had a story and I wanted to know it.
*Of course, one could argue that he already had a story because he's based off Pitch Black in "Rise of the Guardians" (the movie, btw is amazing), but I didn't know that when I first saw it. Found the artist though! Elymiart

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