My girl doesn't know I have a key to her house. Doesn't know I watch her sleep or that the dreams of me she has aren't merely dreams. She doesn't know she's my girl, who I've claimed in a blood ritual that will bind our souls together.

When she goes out hunting for the supernatural, she draws the attention of Antonio Garcia, alpha of the werewolves and head of a rival gang. He'll attack her to get to me, to deal a blow to my Family that will weaken us in the coming war.

But I am the reaper who haunts the night.

And anyone who hurts what's mine will not live to see the morning.

Only...Antonio is consuming something that is causing his power to grow exponentially. When he becomes too strong for me to kill, how will I protect my girl?


1. Chapter 13 was the first one I wrote. That one line, you know the one, created this entire series. Although I have aphantasia, I could 'see' that scene so well... The next one I wrote was 42. Then the epilogue. There is also a crossword puzzle at the back of the print copies and on my FB Page: Shadow Stalkers.

2. This was going to be the last book I ever published thanks to a lot of limp dicks on Tiktok. Having read my Deathly Beloved series, they bombarded me with comments saying how they took pleasure in reporting my videos every time they popped up so I would lose my account and the will to ever write again. I have a fairly thick skin, but not going to lie, that got to me, especially since my account was actually reported enough times that I lost it. Sales obviously plummetted since silly me put all my eggs in one basket. Thankfully, writing wasn't my only source of income or we would have really struggled to pay the bills. That lead to a year long depression, but I knew I could write well if I wanted to. I just really liked writing things that didn't fit the normal structure of a book, such as writing the comic relief side character as the main character, who is obviously TSTL because she grew up in a happiness-seggs cult (shocking how she was 100% optimistic and horny due to that), or making a 'bad B-movie' (my favourite genre) romcom satire that took the piss out of the romance stereotypes. I liked it. Some people did not, which is fair. Low stars and hatred are fine. That stuff just rolls right off my back, but it was the limp dickery that got to me enough that I was going to call it quits.

But luckily, for you and me, Heather G Harris convinced me to try one more time, and this time to write to market. So I did.

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