When are the physically signed copies available again?

They won't be shipping until 2025. Month not yet decided, probably sometime in the summer though. They will be available to buy again on 1 January 2025.

What are digitally signed copies?

They're physical books that have a personalised, unique signature that's drawn on a tablet and then uploaded to the printer. My signature and personalised note is printed on an extra page at the start of the book.

Do you ship internationally?

Yep! Shipping is unfortunately a bitch though, so if you want cheaper shipping, check out the digitally signed copies.

Why does my card keep getting declined?

Most likely your bank is automatically stopping the transactions as it's a foreign purchase. You'll just need to call them up and let them know you're authorising the transaction.

If I buy on your website, can I read on my kindle?

Yep! Just buy the epub and follow the directions in the email.

I would really love to read your books, but I can't afford them. Is there somewhere I can read them for free?

If my book is available for free online, it's been pirated (ie: stolen) and although, you're not paying anything to read it, you are still *paying* the thieves by reading it on their site due to all their ads. So please do not give them my will to keep writing.

Instead, you can read ALL my books for FREE through Libby or through your actual library (upon request if they don't already have them).

You can also join my street team, which only requires you to make one post about one of my books on a FB reader page. A review on Goodreads/Amazon is also much appreciated.

I also do giveaways on my FB page AND you can win free physical copies by getting over 200 likes on a FB post about one of my books.

What order should I read the Book of Shadows in?

You can jump in at any of these books: Cursed to be Mine, Madness Behind the Mask, or Tethered Souls. You could start with Broken Souls, but I would recommend reading Tethered first at the very least.

Personal Recommended Order: Tethered Souls, Cursed to be Mine, Madness Behind the Mask, Broken Souls.

Order of Publication: Cursed to be Mine, Madness Behind the Mask, Tethered Souls, Broken Souls.

Chronological Order: Madness Behind the Mask, Tethered Souls, Cursed to be Mine, Broken Souls

Do I need to read every book in the Book of Shadows?

Nope! You can skip any book in the series. You can read Madness Behind the Mask on its own, without ever reading anything else. You can read all the other books other than Madness Behind the Mask and still understand what's happening.

What's the difference between a hard and soft edition?

Soft editions are still VERY dark and smutty. However, the more gruesome scenes end a bit shorter or are FTB, and there aren't any cliffhangers with them.

Which books have a hard and soft edition?

Madness Behind the Mask and Broken Souls