This is Fine. Everything is Fine.

So my husband stabs people. Which makes sense considering he blackmailed me into marrying him and framed me for a crime that carried the death penalty. He's Richard Morningstar, after all, the Demon of Raza, the tyrant ruler of the fairies. I mean, all the signs were there.

And okay yeah, deep down I did know, but by the gods, he's amazing in the you-know-what department, and like, what woman hasn't compromised a few things here and there for that utter deliciousness?

Besides, it's not like the guy he stabbed died or anything. So this is fine. Totally fine…

Everything is Not Fine.

When the Court forced me to take a wife, I wasn't supposed to fall in love. Now I have a weakness I'm struggling to protect.

My kingdom is at war. The Court wants to use her to take my throne. The rebels want to kill her to bring me to my knees. And our world, its customs and traditions, will destroy her very soul. Arienna Morningstar will not survive being queen...unless I kill them all.


Coming soon.

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