He saved her, slept with her, then left
Hopefully straight to Niflhel

The bastard. Phoebe doesn't care that Tegan's the head of the Elv've'Norc and has the weight of the Seven Planes on his shoulders. He didn't have to be a jerk these last twenty years, avoiding her calls, ghosting her completely, restricting her to this castle-like prison. If she doesn't escape soon, she's going to go into a murderous rage. Or do something drastic.

Something she is absolutely flippin' certain he isn't going to like.

He saved her, slept with her, then left
And every step away was torture.

Every night, Tegan thinks about calling her. And every night, he stops. If his enemies find out there's someone he cares about, they'll torture her to get to him. Just like they did his first wife.

And so he stays away. Stays focused on protecting the Seven Planes. With Sebastian gearing up for something big and the Duesychosis Plague nearly running free in the Underground, he has a lot to keep him distracted.

Until she calls...
asking to marry another man.


Coming soon.

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