There’s no one I hate more than my brother’s best friend.

Jace is arrogant, annoying, and has been tormenting me my whole life. Despite being a princess, however, I'm not allowed to just stab him. And just when I think he can't get any worse, the jerk does something truly horrendous: he becomes my royal guard.

Now I'm stuck with him all the bloody time.

Seeing his stupid face. Hearing his stupid voice.

Doesn't he know guards shouldn't talk?

But when we're called away to war, that annoyance he fills me with starts to turn into something else... Something hot and dangerous that's going to get one of us killed. Because a princess cannot become queen without eliminating her weaknesses. And Jace is starting to become mine.


To Have and to Lose originally started out as a prequel, but considering how the last two books to this series are going to tie in, I gave it the official status of book one. I figure after everything they go through, they deserve that at the very least. I WANT TO GIVE SPOILERS SO MUCH BECAUSE I NEED TO TALK TO SOMEONE ABOUT WHAT THEY GO THROUGH, AND I DON'T LIKE IT. T.T

For those that have read my War of the Myth series, you know how Delentia really hates fairies? Jace and Aurelia is why. But you won't learn the specifices until her book: Help Wanted in the Apocalypse: Can Everyone Please Just Die Now?. MWUAHAHAHA.

To Have and to Lose was part of an anthology where all profits went to United Help Ukraine during its war with Russia (2022). The anthology was made up of 40+ other authors and includes the following genres: contemporary romance, romcom, and paranormal romance. It was originally 12k due to a limited word count, but is now 30k.

And as painful as it is to admit, Jace and Aurelia's original romance wasn't going to have a HEA. For those that have read Death Do Us Part, you know why. Mwuahahah. But the anthology required an HEA and so here we are. Saying that, I'm so freaking happy with this choice as she was always going to stay his one true love, and Evangeline and him would've bonded over that shared pain and lose. Yep. Jace's AU is Evangeline. XD

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